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We operate as Not for Profit, however our #EarningByHelping opportunity is the most lucrative and most flexible WFH/remote working programme available……..all from helping good causes and charities.

The beginning of 2019 saw us initiate our Sales Membership initiative where we enlisted the services of a number of persons around the world to promote our services within the crowdfunding sector. In parallel, we restructured our organisation in order to cope with the increase in the demand for our Project Management and Consultancy services.

If we rewind to the conclusion of 2019, I don’t think anybody could have foreseen how turbulent 2020 was going to be. We want to make a difference and we’re delighted that our Sales Membership Programme actually gives people control once again in their lives; sadly redundancy levels are at an all time high and unemployment within the UK stands at a colossal 1.7million people who are now out of work (Source: BBC News). We can help and we are helping hence our Sales Membership Programme is what we refer to as #EarningByHelping

This is a global opportunity whereby we are offering people the chance to work as part of our online Sales Team earning unrivalled levels of commission through helping good causes. Our #EarningByHelping initiative has attracted mass interest and in January 2021, we appeared on BBC Radio and BRO Radio

Join our family and lets get you #EarningByHelping

QuickStart Training® Trial With Us & See for Yourself

#EarningByHelping is an incredibly simple but effective sales opportunity. We are the world’s leading provider of crowdfunding project management and campaign support services and there isn’t a project or sector we cannot apply our services to; the world is your oyster!

#EarningByHelping is open to absolutely everyone, irrespective of background or experience.  The QuickStart Training is a mandatory prerequisite to equip you with the knowledge and skill-set necessary to function efficiently as a member of our Sales personnel.

Is the training necessary?

Absolutely; it is not possible to join The Crowdfund Community, in any capacity, without fulfilling the QuickStart Training.

How does the process work and what do I need to do?

The QuickStart training covers everything in great depth; you will be fully prepped in how to approach prospective clients and all the do’s and don’ts.

With respect to the mechanics of the selling itself, please review this example:

Through your discussions with a Crowdfunding Project Sponsor, they confirm they wish to purchase Service ‘x’ which is priced at £2,750 ($3,440). The Seller (you) completes the sale and you receive £2,612.50 ($3,268)

All commissions resulting from sales are paid into your bank account (Must be in your name) within 2 working days

Canary Wharf

A word from our CEO

“We feel #EarningByHelping is an opportunity for everyone; we can offer full time and part time employed positions in addition to commission only based sales positions where anyone can join. 2020 was an incredibly tough year for people and being able to offer opportunities within one of the few industries left which actually continues to grow and prosper is really exciting”
Nick Adams | CEO


QuickStart Training® - Let's Go!

We believe #EarningByHelping is the most lucrative remote working opportunity you could sign up to anywhere but without doubt our programme is the most morally and ethically rewarding online earning initiative you could undertake.  In addition, we provide you with the opportunity to trial #EarningByHelping for 30 days following completion of the QuickStart Training.

The training will equip you with all the knowledge necessary to perform competently within our Sales Team and, to support you further, you will also be allocated a dedicated Project Co-ordinator who will be your point of contact throughout the duration of your trial, providing you with guidance and advice and answering any questions you may have.

The trial is a direct representation of what you will be doing for us should you wish to continue beyond the initial 30 days. You will be offering our project management packages to crowdfunding campaigns which range between £875 ($1080) and £9500 ($12,000) and for every package you sell, you will be paid 95% of that amount.

The QuickStart Training will be forwarded to you by your dedicated Project Co-ordinator within 2 business days, any questions you have during your trial, please liaise directly with your Project Co-ordinator focal.

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